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People’s Choice Solar provides customers the reliability, certainty, and freedom they deserve thru complete solar solutions for their home or business. 

We take pride in our quality, attention to detail, and excellent customer service. With a combined 50+ years of experience in energy from our founding partners, we have the knowledge and know-how to find the right solutions for our customers needs. 

We envision a clean, equitable energy system that directs control and benefits back into the hands of the people and their communities.

"Our mission here at Aira is to get you through those tough moments relying on our team's expertise in starting and growing companies."

David J. Bejar - CEO

Environment Analysis

The starting point of any success story is knowing your current position in the business environment

Development Planning

After completing the environmental analysis the next stage is to design and plan your development strategy

Execution & Evaluation

In this phase you will focus on executing the actions plan and evaluating the results after each marketing campaign


Just a few of the reasons 
to make the change 
to solar energy:

Increase Home Value

Across the U.S., studies have shown that solar panels raise a home’s value by over 4% on average as well as homes selling 20% faster than residences without solar panels.

  • Tax Breaks & Incentives
  • State Credits & Rebates

Starting at $199


Gives You Control

Going solar can offer low and predictable rates that are typically less expensive than your electric company’s rates, so you can expect, on average, to pay less for power when you go solar.

  • More predictable consumption
  • Create reserves for outages

Starting at $299


Clean & Renewable

Home solar is a clean, emissions-free, and renewable energy source. Renewable technologies are the key to a cleaner and brighter future for all.

  • Fossil fuels like coal/natural gas release harmful emissions into the air water supply. 
  • Renewable energy technologies are the key to a cleaner and brighter future for all.

Starting at $299


We Are The People's Choice

1How Can Solar Help Your Budget?
Electricity prices across the US have nearly doubled since 2001, and this is a trend that’s likely to continue. Home solar panels and a home battery can offer freedom from the utility companies with predictable electric bills. This helps you avoid peak electricity rates and provides reliable back-up power when the grid goes down. 
2Consistency You Can Count On
 Going solar can offer low and predictable rates that are typically less expensive than your electric company’s rates, so you can expect, on average, to pay less for power when you go solar.
An awesome online marketing plan won't save your bad product but paired with a good product, the sky is the limit for what can be achieved.

Costs for solar systems have fallen

The cost of home solar systems have dropped dramatically in recent years, falling more than 70% in just the last decade. Simultaneously, electricity rates have skyrocketed with a multitude of planned rate increases scheduled for the future. 

Imagine as a teenager being able to lock in the price of gas at $.99 a gallon, you’d thank yourself now. By going solar, you take the power back into your hands and protect yourself from all future electricity rate increases. Our Products section shows how flexible we are for all types of budgets.

Business Development 100%
Opportunity Spotting 76%
Online Marketing 90%
  • 1
    Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) As of 2020, you’ll also be eligible for the federal tax credit if you buy your own home solar system outright. The tax credit can reduce the cost of a solar installation by 26%, including a solar battery purchase.
  • 2
    State Credits and Cash Rebates In addition to the federal solar investment tax credit, states and cities may also provide cash rebates for your solar system to further reduce the cost of your solar system. The size of the solar tax credit will vary from state to state.
  • 3
    Quality standards are important but meant to be exceeded

We strive to offer you the best In addition, adding a solar-powered home battery will also give you freedom from the next blackout. The United States has the highest number of power-outage minutes of any developed nation, which will only increase in the face of extreme weather events and aging power grid.

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The guys from Aria helped with getting my business off the ground and turning into a profitable company.
Jude Thorn - Founder
I purchased the Growth Accelerator service pack a few years ago and I renewed the contract each year.
Marsha Singer - Marketer
Aria's CEO personally attends client meetings and gives his feedback on business growth strategies.
Roy Smith - Developer
At the beginning I thought the prices are a little high for what they offer but they over deliver each and every time.
Ronald Spice - Owner

What is "Net Metering"?

When excess electricity is produced by your solar system, it is sent back to the grid and the electric company must buy that energy from you. 

Consumers that sell their extra energy to the electric company then use that amount to offset their total electric bill. They can also draw upon these energy credits during times when their electricity usage is greater than their solar production, such as a heavily overcast day or during the night.

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